How can unsecured loans create growth for your business?

Setting up your business, one expects to expand it over time. One of the tools for sustaining your growth is to consider an unsecured loan for small businesses. However, as small business, you will be reluctant to commit any asset or property as collateral against the loan. Unsecured loans addressing this idea by offering loans […]

Advantages of Term loans

Term loan is a medium-to-long-term loan option with terms that last anywhere from 1 to 10 years. Term loans offer large amount of capital to the business in a single installment. As a provider of term loans, for example, FundingJack offers small business term loans, for amounts up to 500,000UK. Term loans offer many advantages […]

What are the Payment Options for Your SME

During the last years, customers change their spending quite a lot and it is worth checking the various payment methods, before selecting any of it. In UK, lockdown restrictions accelerated the use of credit and debit cards. Younger shoppers tend to use mobile payments and this method is gaining traction. Although many businesses stopped acceptingit, […]

Can small business sustain continuous Growth?

Although setting up a business can be tricky, the real challenge is creating growth over time. Growth is critical for small business owners, but there are many pitfalls, and therefore less than half of SMEs survive beyond their first five years. Here are some examples of sustainable growing your business aiming for a long term: Bringing new […]

Avoid Financial Mistakes When Starting a Business

Unless you’re an incredibly well to do, you cannot afford reckless financial decisions. While there are certain things that you can avoid to protect your finances, some of the worst decisions can have lifelong consequences. Here are few financial pitfalls that you should try to avoid. Failing to create a budget and a financial plan. […]

Controlling Credit For Small Business Start Up Loan

Keeping control over credit is crucial for the success of your small business. The last thing you want is to become a debtor saddled with payments that are due. Bad debt eats up your working capital, and it increases the number of days outstanding – the amount of time your business must wait before it […]

What Are the Benefits of a Business Loan?

Businesses have many advantages when it comes to borrowing money. Getting a business loan can help a company get the funding it requires to expand. The process of obtaining a loan is easier when the applicant has a good credit score. Lenders are more likely to approve a loan request if a business has a […]

How a Business Loan Can Improve Cash Flow

Before you apply for a business loan, it’s important to evaluate your cash flow. A lack of cash flow can prevent you from expanding or investing in your business. While your monthly expenses are a normal part of running your business, you may want to consider using credit and payment terms to increase your available […]

Accelerate Your Business by Funding Your Early Stages

To succeed in entrepreneurship, accelerating your business by funding your early stages can help you achieve growth and scale operations. Once your business has gotten off the ground, you can accelerate your growth by applying for and receiving venture capital or funding through loan. With the right funding, you can leverage your time and focus […]

What Are the Different Types of Business Loans?

There are many types of business loans, and it’s important to choose the right one for your business. As these loans can assist you reaching your business goals, make sure that you have good understanding of this type of funding before applying. The loans detailed below, are the most common types of business loans existing […]

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